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Yoga asana can be practised by children, youth, middle-aged men and women and elders. In today's society practicing yoga allows on to relieve many inherent problems.

Generally, Yoga asana is divided into Beginner's Yoga and Intermediate Yoga. Beginner's Yoga and Intermediate Yoga consist of Asanas, Pranayama, Dhyanam and overall cleansing of the body.

Today's lifestyle has become the cause of many disease states. Mental and emotional disturbance, insomnia and various other dysfunctional states disrupt the proper functioning of the physical body.

Beginners' Yoga induces the inner Sakthi to operate smoothly and benefit both mind and body. Beginners' Yoga is easy and can be practised by everybody. Beginners' Yoga awakens the inner sakthi, aiding both the mind and body to operate smoothly. This level of yoga is easy and can be practiced by all irrespective of skill level. It is effective at allowing the body's joints and muscles to function properly.

Intermediate level yoga can be practised by any age group. This level involves asana and pranayama exercises that cleanse the body. Here, the glands and organs are massaged and exercised, enabling them to function optimally. In addition, yoga asana soothes the body's nerves and enables the Nadis and Chakras to perform well. Intermediate Yoga exercises channel organized energies to the mind and body.

Mental disturbance, not only affect the mind, but harm the body as well.

For example, an anxious individual may be more prone to diabetes and intestinal inflammation. Medical experts claim that breast cancer and high blood pressure are also exacerbated by mental pressures. Unfortunately, today's society prevents the proper implementation of exercises for the benefit of the human body. As a result, various states of discomfor such as back and neck pain, spinal column problems and constipation develop. Such states prevent one from carrying out simple, day-to-day activities efficiently. Yoga however, can relieve such problems, allowing both the body and mind to function optimally.

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