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Modern living has been the increasing cause of mental disturbance. As a result, man has developed both physical and mental disease. Yogasana helps relieve the body of these states. It confers a healthy, active and content livelihood.

Yoga practice consists of three main components. These include asanas, pranayama and dhyana, all of which aid in drawing forth the sakthi latent in man. Hence, practicing Yoga asana facilitates the attainment of sound physical, mental and spiritual health.

Regular practice of yoga asana not only helps achieve good physical health, but can also restore optimal functioning to a diseased body with the careful guidance of an experienced guru. Kada yoga is type of yoga taught at Insudar Yoga Nilayam. Kada Yogam cleanses and confers optimal functioning to the overall body, its organs and activates the chakras. In this manner, both the mind and body are maintained in a state of good health up until the point of death.

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