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Secular life in today's society contributes to several changes in the body and mind of children. These are brought about by unhealthy dietary habits and undisciplined conduct.

A popular misconception is that only those not involved in family life or who are retired can practice Yoga asanas. In fact, children can benefit from the study and practice of Yoga asana as well. Yoga helps children acquire a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Issues that hinder the progress and wellbeing of children:

  • Misuse of intelligence for devious purposes
  • Lethargy or hyperactivity
  • Inability to retain or express what one has learned after extensive studying
  • Engagement in precocious behavious such as smoking, drinking and sexual activity due to dysfunctional glands.
  • Disorganized familial environment consisting of undisciplined habits, excessive food consumption that lead to detrimental states of obesity and hyper-activity.

Yoga asana keeps such behavious under control, if not completely preventing their development. It allows young individuals to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

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