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Swami Sithanantha Saraswathi was born in 1918. Being an ardent devotee of God, he practiced Sariya and Kiriya from a very young age at which point he was also highly intrigued by yogasana. As a result he became a disciple of Guru Srilasri Sivayogi Pasuwalinga Swamy at the Kadappai Sithar Ashram in Bangalore. Upon conclusion of his instruction and accepting his guru's desire, he took up the training of aspirants in Yogasana practice. Eventually Swamiji travelled to the Himalayas and with the grace of Swami Sithanantha, obtained Sukuma Theedchai. He also obtained Arud Theedchai from Swami Sivananda Sawaswathy who was the Rishikesha Swamigal at the time. The Rishikesha Swamigal also conferred Swamiji with the title of Sithanantha Saraswathi Yogi after which he returned to Eelam.

Swamiji started instructing Yoga Kala at the Mariamman Temple in Matala. In 1970, his Highness Atheinakartha Sreelasri Swaminatha Thesika Gnanasambantha Paramacharya desired that Swamiji instruct in Nallai Atheenam, Jaffna. He later started teaching yoga classes in Jaffna at Thivya Jeevana Sangam and expanded into Trincomallee, Jaffna, Matale, Pandiruppu, Kalmunai to the benefit of many students. Swamiji also made concerted efforts to convince the government to include Yogasana in many school curriculums. Many of Swamiji's disciples are currently conducting yoga classes in various countries such as Sri Lanka, Norway, Germany, South Africa and Canada,

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