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April 2018


At a very dark time in my life, I stumbled upon Insudhar Yoga Studio. After trying numerous unsuccessful treatments to address my excruciating sciatica pain, Master provided me with the most life changing guidance that enabled me to get my life right back on track.

Initially, I started practicing yoga but did not fully understand the importance of breathing techniques paired with the power of performing an asana. But, under proper guidance, you will reap the benefits. I am currently experiencing the positive effects not only physically but it has provided me with the mind, body and soul connection. My perspective of life, along with my ability to remain calm and collected, has taken a 180.

Let me contextualize my situation for you- three years ago, I was diagnosed with Sciatica due to disc herniation. The pain was excruciating and brought me to a standstill. I was unable to do mundane tasks comfortably- sit, stand, drive or walk. It was a privilege to even get an hour of sleep at night. It came to the point where I had to use a piece of a plywood board on top of my firm sleep mattress for the extra support. I was also unable to sit or stand for more than five minutes without extreme discomfort. I tried everything- opioids and numbing injection twice a week had been a way of life for over 6 months.

I have had health challenges in the past .I underwent a quadruple bypass heart surgery 12 years ago and stents 4 years ago . but I must admit that is not comparable to Sciatica pain. As the recovery process of the bypass was a couple of weeks, life returned to normal and I carried on with my daily routine.

However, with the unbearable sciatica pain, I was planning to head down to Buffalo, USA for laser surgery given that I had exhausted all my options. While planning my trip to head down south for a consultation, I was very fortunate to have come in contact with Master to try his recommended course of therapy. Master provided me with a very insightful response that resonated with me. He noted that you do not need to come in daily. I am just a guide, the recovery is in your hands. yoga is the only way you could get your life back.

Since I was not in a position to even move at this stage, Master helped me gain my mobility.This allowed me to start performing simple stretches and slowly transitioning into learning various asana. I carefully followed his direction and performed all the stretches and poses.

Here I am today, eagerly joining his yoga class on the weekends and doing yoga at home daily. The road to recovery had many bumps and stand stills. It took two years of constant focus and determination.

At times I wonder, why could not I have come in contact with him earlier in my life? Surprisingly, he was in my network, however we just did not have the chance to cross paths. The irony here is that Master and I shared the same Alma matter, Jaffna Central College.

There is a saying that I believe is imperative to your journey to leading a better life. A guru will come into your life when the time is right. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and your struggle only makes your transformation better in the end.

I can strongly attest to the fact that you cannot find a greater mind than this. Master has quietly been helping many to recover from their misery. I do hope that more people will be able reap the life changing benefits his current students are enjoying.

Sri,Sriskandarajah Govindarajah



March 2018


I had been suffering tremendously after giving birth to my second child. Due to some complications during my pregnancy, my baby was born prematurely. I devoted all my energy and attention to ensure the health and well-being of my son. During this time I had been suffering with recurring sinus infections and did not recover fully from postpartum depression. After giving up on antibiotics and nasal sprays, my search for a permanent healing process began.

I was blessed to learn about the Sunday evening classes guru Mohana Teacher began. I have been learning yoga at Insudhar Yoga Studio for the past two years now. I had been to other yoga classes in the past but this experience was deep, spiritual and empowering. I felt a special feeling within me. It is as a little flame that sparked within me, which the Teacher lit. Every time I practice yoga within the Teachers presence I feel this flame lighting brighter and brighter within me. It is as a child receiving essential nutrients from the mother for survival, I have been receiving this powerful energy force from my guru. This force has healed and sustained me from within.

I realized obtaining the knowledge of yoga is a lifetime blessing. However to understand the internal power of yoga one must find a right guru. Without the proper guidance from the right guru the essential healing powers cannot be obtained.

Yoga has been helping me to heal from within. Yoga has taught me that the search is internal. When I started looking inside and focusing my attention within me many things has been changing. The answers I have been seeking are unfolding in ways I have never imagined. All beings are here with a purpose, yet our search for this purpose seems endless when we look outside. Yoga has helped me understand to let life unfold naturally. Yoga is not only about physical healing but a combination of physical and mental healing. Yoga has been giving me the strength to undertake obstacles and challenges on the path of life with an open heart because without these challenges we may not fulfil our purpose and become who we are meant to be.

Today yoga has become the breath and nourishment of my life. I begin my day with a 20 min yoga practice, which gives me the energy I need throughout the day to accomplish all my duties with a smile. I have now introduced yoga to my children because I truly believe yoga will be the nourishment that will strengthen them in their journey.

Yarliny Siva


July 2017

It's been a wonderful experience to join INSUDHAR YOGA STUDIO to learn yoga under Master Ramanan's supervision. He is an excellent teacher who gives his full attention to all the students and guides them in doing yoga poses in their correct forms

After joining the yoga class, I have felt a huge difference in maintaining balance between mind and body. Yoga exercise provides stress relief, weight control, keeps bones and muscles strong and of course, gives me more energy with my daily lifestyle.

I recommend this class to everyone, because yoga helps keep your body and mind strong regardless of your age.

I strongly believe that yoga should be mandatory in all elementary and high schools to keep students physically and mentally healthy and active."

Kokab Butt


April 2017

I recently retired after working as a Fund Accountant at RBC Investor Services for 16 years. I joined Insudhar Yoga Studio 10 months ago. I had severe knee pain, arthritis, and frequent back freezing for years as I had to sit eight to ten hours every day in front of the computer. The decision to do yoga, breathing, and meditation under the guidance of Guru Ramanan was one of the best choices I have ever made.

Guru Ramanan provides individual attention for everyone and suggests specific yoga poses. He always explains the benefit of each exercise and mentions the importance of synchronizing movement, breathing and reciting manthiram while doing every yoga pose.

I have had remarkable improvements in my health after incorporating the discipline of yoga in my daily routine under the guidance of Guru Ramanan. My frequent back freezing has disappeared and the severity of knee pain has lessened drastically. My core strength, flexibility, balance and concentration continue to improve day by day. Yoga has also helped me manage stress, known to have devastating effects on the body and mind.

The discipline of yoga has always been a personal interest of mine and has positively impacted my life. I feel it is important that we as individuals determine clearly and consciously for ourselves what we should and should not be doing in our lives so that we may live in harmony with our own being. Yoga has the power to relax my body, mind and soul. It is such an effective practice that it has been used for over five thousand years. It is a life changing blissful experience which should not be missed by anyone. I have been fortunate to learn yoga under the expert guidance of Guru Ramanan. His dedication, devotion, attention to perfection and guidance are immeasurable. I am immensely proud to be the student of Guru Ramanan. Let the divine intelligence always bless our Guru Ramanan.

Dev Periyasamy


March 2017

I been with Insudhar Yoga for over 1 year and I have experienced several health benefits. After I joined I noticed increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Due to practising breathing technique learned during yoga I feel my respiration and energy level has improved. I feel less tired at work and still have a lot of energy to do activities after work without feeling drained out. Moreover, even as I age I am able to maintaining a balanced metabolism and keep my weight in a healthy range. Yoga also helped me with protecting from injury. Before joining yoga I notice when I do heavy lifting I used to get back pain and after yoga my back pain is completely eliminated. My overall health and well-being has improved after joining Insudhar Yoga.



April 2016

I am one of the fortunate souls out of a few million in GTA who got the chance to learn this art which was derived from the ancient Vedic tradition of India from Guru Ramanan. As he comes from a bona fide disciplic succession, Guru Ramanan passes the yogic knowledge to his students as it is. Guru Ramanan is a humble and a very dedicated teacher by nature. He recognizes the strengths, weaknesses and capacity of each student as soon as the student joins the class. He guides each student to excel in different breathing exercises and yoga postures, movements and stretches including the techniques of relaxation and concentration. The classes are designed with beginner/ intermediate friendly techniques that literally anyone, whether one has medical, physical or emotional challenges, can easily learn and practice yoga for his or her full advantage. Besides this, during the class, Guru Ramanan explains the physical and mental benefits that are associated with the poses and breathing exercises. If a person has time, he or she could attend classes up to six times a week. Even if it is sleet, rain or shine, the class will go on, guaranteed. There is no room in our Gurus calendar for statutory holidays. All these are possible at Insudhar Yoga Studio with a nominal fee per month.

This time around, I am learning yoga for about five months now. Initially, my daughter, Kalki, who is sixteen years old, learned yoga for about two and a half years from the direct guidance of Mohana Ramanan back in 2006/2007. When I had the time, I benefitted by learning from Guru Ramanan for a short time, for a period of 6 or 7 months in 2008.

The lifestyle and habits, specifically in this millennium, are atrocious at times. As a result, many people are suffering from stress, anxiety and chronic diseases. Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation cultivate good health, happiness, clarity of the mind, internal peace, sense of self-awareness and higher consciousness. I strongly recommend Insudhar Yoga Studio as the one pit-stop for the whole family for a happy and peaceful future.

I am truly thankful for this learning opportunity

Menaka Thambiratnam


March 2016

Yoga has been a reliable and energising practice for me.Around six years ago, I started yoga classes after injuring and partially tearing my left knee ligament. I underwent surgical repair and followed it with physiotherapy, but my leg didn't regain its normal strength.Yoga helped me to regain strength and stability.I realized that yoga improved my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In 2013, I faced a devastating sickness; I underwent major surgery for cancer followed by radiation therapy.My healing process was made much easier with the breathing exercises and meditation which I learned during yoga.All the thanks and praise goes to our guru, Ramanan sir.After three years, I am happy to be doing yoga to make my body and spirit better. I already feel the benefits and hope to continuously improve my yoga practice.

Ramanan sir's calm manner, excellent instruction and guidance helps everybody to achieve the best of yoga.I am ever grateful for this blessing in my life.

Saratha Karunanity


April 2015

I have been practicing yoga with Ramanan Master for about 6 years now, and I believe that it is a truly rewarding experience. Through my university years and now my working life, it has helped me maintain a balanced mind and body and provides the stress relief I need through my studies and work. Going through the poses is fun, and is an important part of my workout plan. Because I am continuing it, I am able to maintain a steady weight as well. Even after all these years, I am not an expert in many of the poses, but enjoy it. The great thing is, while you do it, you become in tune with your body and can know and feel how each exercise or pose affects a certain part of the body. For example, Sarvangasana, or shoulder stand helps keep a healthy thyroid. During practice, I can feel that area of my throat being affected, so I am motivated to perform better and maintain a straighter pose. Master does a great job of explaining the benefits as well and makes it a priority to help each student individually in a group setting.

Neerja Rajevan


May 12 2014

My yoga experience at Insudhar yoga is very liberating, empowering, informative and in essence, enriching all aspects of my life. Guru Ramanan is masterful at gauging, and custom tailoring the yoga experience to fit each individual's need. Not only does Guru Ramanan teach the proper techniques of the yoga poses (asanams), but also explain the biological and scientific reasons, and the health benefits of each pose. The main components of the yoga classes are yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques, and ultimately, to take ownership and responsibility of our own body's well being.

I can proudly say my overall well being and life experience has immensely improved ranging from quality sleep to reduction in my allergy symptoms to clarity in my thought process to strengthening my concentration in daily tasks to being physically active to being conscious and aware of my bodily needs.

I highly recommend anyone to try this holistic experience which has been extracted and shared from the origins of India and thus, treat yourself to a more positive and healthy lifestyle.



March 2014

I am Bhavani Thirukumaran from Toronto Ontario Canada, a seventy year old retired teacher who has benefited and improved my health from practicing Yoga for the last one year under the guidance of Mohana Ramanan from the Insudhar Yoga Studio here in Toronto. I have been suffering from Spine Osteoporosis for many years and I have seen a vast improvement following Yoga and have helped me in many ways. My doctor has confirmed this and encouraged me to continue this practice. Mohana takes a special interest on all her students and carefully and meticulously treat and guide them according to their age and health condition.

The practice of Yoga under Insudhar Yoga Studio has increased my strength physically and mentally to go about my daily life with joy and positive mental attitude. Yoga has helped my physical organs to work better and circulate my blood freely to the vital organs. Yoga has also improved me to relax and be emotionally stable during external pressures of our daily life.

I strongly recommend Insudhar Yoga Studio to anyone who needs to improve their physical and mental inequities to a better healthier and positive life. Join the insudhar Yoga Studio today, and change your life for the better healthier tomorrow.

Bhavani Thirukumaran

November 2013

Yoga has turned my life around. About 6 years ago I encountered a severe car accident, which hospitalized me. After the accident life became difficult. I couldn't go back to work and my physical recovery was slow. I was going through many hardships both physical and emotional. I was finding it hard to cope with the changes the accident had caused in my life.

Sometime later I was introduced to yoga through my daughter. I have heard and read about yoga before but never got the opportunity to experience it. In the beginning it was hard for me to get into the poses due to my physical pain in the neck and back caused by the accident. I didn't give up. A force within me kept me continuing to go to yoga lessons regularly.

Sometime later I started realizing the physical pains had started diminishing. I started feeling a lot better. Emotionally I started seeing things differently. I felt I could do things I was afraid to step into before. I became active and wanted to return to work. I built the strength to start a small business, which led to me interact with many different people. I started liking this new path. I started feeling stronger and started cherishing every little aspect of life, the things I never noticed before. Life became brighter. I understood everything happens for a reason. I felt my journey in the path of yoga began through an unpleasant incident but it has shaped me into a new person. Yoga has helped me open myself internally. I feel a lot less lighter and happier. I realized happiness is something inside you, which you have to open your heart to. Yoga has helped me open those closed doors. I'm thankful to my guru Ramanan for helping me reap the benefits of this great gift from God.

Anantham Sivasupiramaniyam


August 2013

I have been learning yoga from Guru Ramanan for the last six years. I used to work long hard labor jobs that caused me sever back, neck, and shoulder and knee pains. I used to take painkillers and medications, which gave me, short term relief from pains. I realized in order to achieve long-term solution to such pains is to follow yoga and meditation. With the help from Guru Ramanan I was able to achieve relief from those pains and become more active in my daily activities. On the other hand, I am diabetic and over weight. Following yoga consistently helping me control my diabetic and I am gradually loosing weight as well.

I will highly recommend everyone to follow Yoga that will help you live happy and healthy life in the long run.

Rajah Panchalingam


May 2013

It is with deep sense of responsibility I make this statement. I do not have the slightest idea of misleading anyone. I had several complications. I was following yoga in some other centre where they have classes once a week only. Having heard the good work done by Guru Ramanan at INSUDHAR YOGA joined his class in October 2011.Since then I am attending his classes. He has classes six days a week. Recently he has started evening class on Wednesday with no additional fee. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that he gives individual attention all and special attentions to special need participants. Really I am blessed. Now my body is flexible. I could have good sleep. Nowadays even Medical Practitioners advises to practice Yoga. May god bless our guru the ability to continue with his good work.

Saro Wijay


April 2013

My husband and I have been practising yoga at Guru Ramanani Insudhar Yoga Centre for more than two years and I love it with a passion. Yoga has inspired me to become more active and healthy, as before coming to yoga classes, I experienced frequent pains in my arms, legs and joints. Doing yoga has helped me rid these pains as well as help me keep my body fit and in shape. Guru Ramanan sir has been an inspiration to me and is an amazing instructor who takes care to make sure each student is approaching each technique the right way and is always offering a helping hand and advice when we may need it. Hats off to the amazing yoga program and the healthy lifestyle it promotes!

Puvaneswary Kathirgamu (Dietary Aide)


Feb 2013

Yoga gives life and energy to anyone who does it. I have been taking yoga for 6 years and I feel that it has made me more patient and calm at hard times in school and also in everyday life. However, it can also be a part of one active (fitness) life and help your body feel toned and rejuvenated. Through various breathing exercises such as pranayam, I feel my concentration has improved in my education and I started developing the will power of keeping away unwanted thoughts. Yoga is an experience that everyone should have, no matter who you are. Just give it a try.

Niranjan Rajevan


May 2011

I am Siva Pushpanathan. Since 2009 I have been learning yoga at Insudhar Yoga Studio under the guidance of guru Ramanan Master. After starting my yoga lessons I feel an overall improvement in my health condition.

I am an architect by profession and working in a private consultant firm. Throughout the day I am sitting in front of computer. At the end of the day I am fully exhausted. The breathing lessons I learned from my guru helped me to stay active throughout the day. We are practicing four kinds of breathing exercise. Guru always emphasizes the importance of deep breathing and their benefits.

Later my wife also joined me to yoga classes. She had a tremendous improvement in her health condition. Every winter she used to have this annual bout of asthma and bronchitis. She needs an antibiotic to recover from this. After learning this breathing exercise she is free of this respiratory problems.

Guru teaches to individual needs based on each per persons health condition, body structure and their age. He clearly explains the benefits of each pose. He is very kind and at the same time very strict. I will recommend Insudhar Yoga to anyone who wants to improve his or her physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

My wife and I are happy and grateful to have a guru like Ramanan Master.

May god bless our Guru.

Siva Pushpanathan


January 2010

I am working for the public transit as a bus driver, during my duty in the last few years I had been having problems such as fatigue, severe back pain, Arthritis in my hand and obstructive Sleep apnea. Because of sleep apnea, I have been sleeping with the help of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

My family doctor advised me to start yoga which is the only way to recover the health conditions. I joined the Insudhar Yoga Studio on August 2009.Now I sleep without CPAP assistance and recovered from back pain and arthritis. I also improved my mental and physical health condition.

Guru Ramanan is a great devotee. He works individually with each of his students which help each and everyone reach their goals in every way. One of my goals is to do meditation. I am achieving my goal with his assistance.

Mr.Sivasri Kandiah,
T.D.S.B staff
Veolia Transportation


January 2010

We were introduced by Mr & Mrs. Sriskandarajah to Insudar Yoga Centre, who are existing students of Guru Ramanan and we are greatful to them because they helped us to identify proper Yoga Teacher.

We found Guru Ramanan as a devoted Yoga Teacher who takes individual interest and as per student issues and concerns and help them to overcome their issues.

My husband Rajakumar had permanent knee injury and had Chiropractic treatment for few months and continued yoga classes which has helped his range of motion and strenghthened his knee and he feels much better now. He also had lost weight within the healthy limit. As for me I had permanent shoulder injury and also had chiropractic treatment for eight months and after attending yoga classes feel better. We are very impressed about his teachings and we are confident that we could stay healthy and prevent illness by attending classes regularly.

Guru Ramanan uses various methods like slide shows to explain how yoga asanans help to enhance the organal functions to a healthier level and stressing the importance on the correct postures, breathing and meditation techniques. During each exercise the master explains the benefit obtained.

My husband introduced my brother who came on a visit from United States for a one day class and he was highly impressed about his teachings.

We recommend Insudar Yoga Centre to all our friends and relatives as and when we meet.

May God Bless our Master and his Yoga Centre.

Mr.K. Rajakumar & Mrs. V. Rajakumar,
RBC Royal Bank
Senior Account Manager


July 2009

Since April 2004,I have been going to yoga classes. Conducted by Guru Ramanan.I found Guru Ramanan as a good devoted yoga teacher. Guru Ramanan teaches yoga to certain individual needs.

In my case, I am diabetic, over weight and have arm pain. After attending yoga class for three months I feel very happy, my mind is very alert , no more arm pain and I have been gradually losing weight.I enjoy going to yoga class daily and I recommend all my friends and relatives to attend yoga class.

Mrs. Jeyanthy.B


July 2009

A few years ago, prior to my retirement I was working for a leading Bank here in Canada. As a mortgage Document officer. I spent long working hours on the computer which resulted in my right shoulder, hand, fingers, neck and knee causing severe pain. I could not sleep or drive long distances. I really suffered for a long time. The Bank spent a few thousand dollars to try and cure my pain through Physiotherapy. However, I felt no lasting relief and no cure at all. One of my relatives suggested that I should try Yoga classes. So I joined the Insudhar Yoga Nilayam.

At that time we had only a few students like a small plant. But now it has spread wild like a Banyan tree with all its branches. This growth is not a miracle; it is due to the tireless effort and very hard work of my master (guru) The program starts with invoking Adi Parasakthi to help us carry on the day's activity. The classes last for almost two hours. During each exercise, the master explains the benefit obtained and also reminds us to be mindful of our breathing technique. Thanks to the Almighty and my guru, I am now completely cured of all my aliments. I am very healthy and I feel very enerigised after my class to do the days work without feeling tired.


(Retired Bank Officer)


July 2009

I have been learning Hatha yoga from Ramanan yoga achriyar for the last two years. I find that When Ramanan master teaches yoga he makes certain that his students understand the correct way of doing it, and also make them understand how the limbs and organs benefit from the different postures.

While learning yoga we learn about the anatomy of human body and it functions. He uses various methods like slide shows to explain how yoga asanas help keep our organs and limbs healthy, placing importance on the correctness of the yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques. These are all integrated into the body mind and soul.

In Ramanan master’s yoga class, students range in age from 6 to 70 years, and are all benefiting greatly from these classes. The beauty of these classes is that everyone gets individual attention. Ramanan master works individually with each of his students until perfection is achieved.

I previously had a long-standing desire to learn yoga in India. However, after having met Ramanan master that need to go to India has become redundant. To my knowledge, he is a best yoga achariyar in Toronto. After learning yoga from him for the last two years I am physically more flexible, and mentally calmer. To attest to master’s prowess, a number of his yoga students have stated that they have recovered from chronic illnesses such as painful arthritis and so on.

May god bless Ramanan master’s INSUDAR YOGA centre, so that he may continue to serve the community with good health and happiness.

Sri Siva


July 2009

I have been going to Guru Ramanan’s Insudhar Yoga classes since early 2008.When my husband, the late MP Joseph Pararajasingham, was shot in December 2005,I also sustained gunshot wounds on my chest and arm. After that, I experienced constant pain in my arm, and I was not able to bend or do much physical activity. But after attending Insudhar Yoga classes, now at age 72, I am in excellent physical shape, my injuries no longer bother me, I am happier and much more energetic , and I have a renewed spirit. Beyond the opportunity for physical exercise that yoga provides, it also strengthens one’s mental and spiritual discipline. I recommend yoga to all of my family and friends because of the mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits it has provided me with. My God bless Guru Ramanan as he continues to inspire his students and the community through the practice of yoga.

Mrs.Sugunam Pararajasingham


July 2009

Most of the time during the day, I am seated either at work, when reading or watching TV. This way I gained more weight, curtailing my ability to move and over time I became lazy, requiring more sleep.Also, my eyes became very dry and could not focus on work or on my reading continuously. I started to hate myself for this state of affairs. Still I could do litte to improve my situation. I could not walk as much as I want to because of the weather. Although, I tried to do some yoga at home on my own; I was not doing it regularly nor properly. Hence, my situation was not improving.I begin to feel that I was getting old. As such, I was contemplating whether to go to Gym. It was only in October 2008, that we heard about the Insudhar yoga Centre and the teacher there Mr.Ramanan, from a family fried. I along with other members of my family joined the Insudhar yoga in November 2008.Mr.Ramanan is not only an exponent of Yoga but also a great teacher. Within a short spell of time I begin to feel the effects of Yoga. I gained value for my time, effort and money. I wish I had started attending Yoga classes long ago. Yoga together with meditation empowered me immensely. I learnt to breathe well; whereas before I took shallow breaths. I fell very energetic and focused now. I work long hours at work without getting tired, I read more and retain it linger, and my physic is getting more in shape. More over, by attending Yoga as a family, we are spending time together .I have no hesitation to recommend to anyone to practice Yoga with a proper Guru and pursue happiness.

B.Erampamoorthy MA(Econ),
SAP FICO Consultant
Controller-UseMyBank Services Inc.
Contract Faculty-York University


November 2009

I am Sarojini Uthayakumar and I had been suffering from severe back pain for many months. I consulted my family doctor to see if yoga was appropriate for me. She told me that find a qualified instructor to help me begin.

Then I joined at Guru Ramanans Insudhar Yoga Centre and l learned excellent Yoga from Instructor Guru Ramanan. Over time, Yoga increased my strength and flexibility effectively and counteracted the tightness and weak muscles that were the root of my upper back pain. Now I am free from the severe back pain and have over all well-being. My family is very happy of that.

The exercises I did at Insudhar yoga centre delivered many valuable benefits that improved my physical and mental health. Further I understood the importance of breathing technique. Breathing is not just inhale and exhale. Its how you get the vitality oxygen into your blood which need for energy and how you get rid of toxic waste carbon dioxide

Our Yoga instructor Guru Ramanan takes individual care for everyone and recommends specific exercises according to their problems. He always explains the benefit from each exercise and mentions the breathing technique (science of breath of control) while exercising. Every student asks freely various kinds of questions about their physical or mental problems and they get valuable solutions from him.

May god bless our excellent instructor Guru Ramanan and his Insudhar Yoga Centre so many people can get benefit and healthy life by attending his Yoga Centre.

Mrs.Sarojini Uthayakumar,
T.D.S.B staff
Woburn Junior Public school

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