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Yoga Experience - Kids

March 2018


My name is Rheana Theepan. I am seven years old. I have been learning yoga at Insudar Yoga studio when I was five years old.

Yoga Teacher has helped me learn new poses. I am more flexible and energetic. I can focus better at school. My memory power has increased. I am doing well in school. My school Teacher says I am her best student. Before I used to get tired a lot but now I am more energetic. Yoga Teacher taught me that it is very important to eat healthy so I have also learned to eat healthy too. I learn yoga two times a week now. After starting yoga I do not get sick and even when I do I recover fast. My immune system is becoming strong.

Yoga is helping me become strong, energetic, healthy and intelligent. I am happy to learn yoga. I think all kids should learn yoga to help them become strong, healthy and be happy!

Rheana Theepan


My name is Abesha Balakumar. I have been learning Yoga with my yoga teacher for five years .I realized that Yoga helped me a lot. I can control my breathing a lot. I am more flexible then before. Since I started Yoga I don't get sick that much. Yoga helps me for a lot of subjects for Example dancing, singing, studying and etc. In Yoga I have learned how to control my mind. I have got lots of benefits from learning Yoga. My Yoga teacher tells everybody about healthy foods and junk foods. I listen to her and eat right food. She tells you about lot of good things. She tells you what you should do and eat and what you should not. This helps me a lot. Now I have a healthy body which is making me grow faster I am discipline and have a healthy body. Now, I am used to Yoga It helped me a lot. Before I go to school, I do Yoga at least fifteen minutes. Thanks to Yoga teacher for Yoga and the explanations

Grade 6th student


Before I went to yoga I didn’t know the bridge or anything else. My friends knew so they tried to teach me but, it wouldn’t work. A while later my mom signed me up for yoga class, and after a month I learned a lot. I learned the bridge, shoulder stand and many more. I think there are many benefits from learning yoga. I had fun at yoga and I learned a lot.

Grade 4
General Crerar Public School


A couple of months age, I didn’t know how to do yoga. I didn’t know how to do the bridge and the different types of locks before I came to yoga. It was sort of frustrating because the people who cane to yoga knew how to do it and I didn’t.I learned that it takes time to learn yoga. Yoga can benefit me in many many ways. One way is that it can benefit me because if I learn yoga, I will live a healthy lifestyle. I will be more active and will live a longer life because I will get my daily exercise. Yoga can keep me relaxed if I am under stress, and if I do it everyday in the morning, my day will be better. My mind will be relaxed and life will be more fun.

Grade 7
General Crerar Public School


Every Sunday I go Yoga. Last three years I’m learning Yoga. After I learn Yoga I feel healthy, strong and active. When I learn Yoga I am good at school and studying more. My sister Ananthika also learning Yoga too. She is very good at school and she studying well. For my improvement I have to thank my teacher.

Grade 2
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy


My yoga experience was a great help to my work at home and at school.Learing yoga gave me a lot of flexibility in my body which was helpful because it helps me do dance moves, that require a certain degree of flexibility (I do choreographed dancing) it also helps at school be helping me concentrating more at school and focuses more on my work at school. Yoga is also a great way to exercise and keep my body good and healthy. My yoga experience was really amazing, because it gave me knowledge on how to do many unifying exercise that help my body and mind collaborate to increasing my overall performance in everything I do

Grade 6
St.Rene Goupil Catholic School


The experience that I had with yoga was really useful and grateful. It gave really positive actions to the body. The positive actions that I got from yoga were a longer period of memory power, flexibility, less sickness and relaxation for your mind. I learned many great things from my great teacher .She gives you really good advice that can keep you in a healthy condition, gives many advice that you will succeed in your future or life. The things that we do in yoga keep our body healthy for a long time of period. You will have less strains or cramps in your body parts such like legs and arms. Therefore, Yoga is really fantastic class that keeps your life smooth and easy.

Grade 7
Henry Hudson Senior Public School


Yoga is wonderful because it makes your body fit. One thing I say about yoga is breathing exercise wonderful and if you have asthma it will be gone because you breath from one nostril and you hold air on the nostril. I love yoga because we get good information from teacher. She tells us what to eat and what to do when we are bored. After yoga I fell like my body is fresh. Yoga gives you good memory power and I know that is true.So, remember yoga is to make your body fit and you to have good memory power. Yoga is just so great

Grade 5
Heather Heights Junior Public School


I am doing yoga because it’s fun to do and it stretches my body. And yoga is important to me because it helps me study really well. And it helps me by being healthy. And it tells us how to behave well like for example (saying nice things) like (kind, helpful, nice and lot’s more) yoga helps everyday behave its good and it helps people get healthy and strong.

Grade 3
Donald Cousens Junior Public School


I like yoga and enjoy because it helps you be clam. if you angry and it’s very good for your health and body. Yoga class make peaceful in your mind and no anger. Making us no talk helps so people don’t concentrate and make people have more will power. Yoga class makes me healthy, claming down and more. Also make everyone hot and self confident so we have will power and it also help me be smart. Last thing is yoga class is respect people and yoga is a physical and mental exercise. Yoga helps me be peaceful and trusting my motherlands. It makes our brains forces on work.

Doing yoga for 20 minutes everyday makes you never sick in your whole life.

Thank you teacher for making us healthy and have will power.

Grade 4
White Haven Junior Public School


The benefits I get from yoga help me my whole life. One day when I got sick I did yoga and I was feeling better. One day when I had a test at school I did yoga and then I did the test and I got everything right. My parents were so happy. Hard work can solve anything. Now I do yoga everyday. My favorite Asana is the Bridge because It looks so real.

Grade 8
Anson Taylor Public School


I enjoy yoga class because I like to be active and make us calm and give us will power and its good for our health. I also enjoy listening to you about good information for our health. It makes our mind more peaceful than more stress. It make our brain self concentrate and give it more power. It makes our heart more peacefully than getting out of control. They is also a great physical mental exercise. It does not make our mind think of something else at school. It make our brain focus to the work what are doing. If we do 20 minutes of yoga, we will never get sick Yoga is good for the body.

Grade 4
White Heaven Junior Public School


Yoga has many advantages. Every Sunday I go to Insudhar Yoga Studio. I do many asanams.My favorite one is the fish pose. I could do nearly every asana expect Hala asanam.Did you know that if you do yoga get less cholesterol. My yoga teacher said there are 100,000 asanas .I love yoga class.

Grade 4
Thomas L.Wells Public School

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