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Women play a vital role in society. Motherhood gives her the ability to confer life. Despite many difficulties and obstacles, the woman works hard to raise her child as a good and productive citizen.

In a family, it is key that the mother is always healthy and wise. Harmony in the home leads peace in the nation. A calm and contented mother will raise a family that healthy and content.

Upon reaching puberty, girls encounter many problems. The onset of menstruation may be delayed due to malfunctioning glands and dysregulated hormone secretion. Yoga asana is effective at preventing and alleviating such hormonal disturbances.

Menstrual disorders are varied and include menstrual irregularity, excessive bleeding, stomach pain, fatigue, and extended periods of menstruation. Similarly, women undergoing menopause experience serious discomfort due to various irregularities in their bodily systems. The practice of Yoga asana can alleviate the above states of imbalance and disorder.

The practice of yoga asana during pregnancy strengthens the womb. Furthermore, the dysregulation of hormone secretion that usually occurs during pregnancy is the cause of many disease states such diabetes. Yoga asana enables hormones to function properly, and effective endocrine function alleviates many post-natal problems like stress and depression.

Presently, overall breast-milk production among women is low. Research has shown that babies who thrive on maternal milk are observed to be healthier, more intelligent and better able to withstand disease. Fortunately, the practice of Yoga asana stimulates the pituitary gland, allowing milk to flow more freely.

Breast cancer has become a major health concern worldwide. Mental stress has been found to be a contributing factor to the exacerbation of this disease state. In addition to alleviating such stress, yoga asana prevents the need for masectectomy, alleviates depression, fear, and the vulnerability to disease. If practiced regularly, yoga asana can completely prevent the development of breast cancer.

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